Dr. Peter Lopatin

It is rare today to see a family craft that continues to be passed down generation to generation. It’s rarer, still, when that family craft is in a profession that requires so much training. Dr. Peter Lopatin is proud to be a second generation dentist, following his father—Dr. Vasily Lopatin’s foot steps. For over 50 years Dr. Lopatin Senior was a trusted and renowned dentist, that our very own Dr. Peter Lopatin feels nothing but privileged to call upon him as a mentor and motivator.

Having attended a medical school in his home town of Chelyabinsk Dr. Lopatin proceeded to obtain an Oral Surgery degree at Chelyabinsk State Medical academy and went on to practice as an oral surgeon for over 4 years in Russia.

Upon self-teaching English and moving to the United States Dr. Lopatin briefly worked as a dental assistant in NYC while excelling at dental admission test which granted him attendance at the renowned NYU School of Dentistry, where he not only graduated once more as a Doctor of Dental Surgery but, met his best friend, partner in life and wife, Dr. Christine Hernandez-Lopatin. In Dr. Lopatin’s pursuit of higher education, he continued his professional journey and obtained an MBA degree from the prestigious Louisianna State University (LSU).

In his free time Dr. Lopatin enjoys fishing with his wife and his daughter, taking bike rides, fixing his car, learning TIG welding and lathe working.